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Product Information

Helium is becoming more scarce and its cost is increasing. Our recycling technologies offers you good solutions. They can be applied to many fields as pure liquid helium circulation and contaminated helium gas recycling.

Ultra low temperature Electric Valve (UEV)

An UEV is an electric valve using self-holding type solenoid. It only uses electricity when it switches open or closed so that it generates very little heat. It is widely useful to control fluid of ultra-low temperature gas and liquid.


Helium Circulation System (HCS) for Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

Sensors (squids) have to be dipped in liquid helium for superconductivity. MEG need be complemented periodically. Its purchasing cost and maintainace cost are very high. Our HCS is separated from MEG and connected by a transfer tube. This means HCS is almost noiseless to MEG.

-Installation Example 1-

-Installation Example 2-


HCS (Helium Circulation System) for MPMS (Magnetic Property Measurement System) / PPMS (Physical Properties Measurement System)

A cryostat of an MPMS and a PPMS need be cooled by liquid helium. Our HCS can be applied to these devices as to MEGs noiselessly. You can save helium cost and maintainance cost largely as in MEGs.

-Ultra-low noise Helium Circulation System-


Helium Circulation System for MRI

 MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging system) uses liquid helium to cool magnet to superconductivity. FTI is developing an high-performance HCS for MRI. The HCS eliminates liquid nitrogen and periodical implementation of liquid helium.


3-D Optometer

This instrument can measure the three major functions of the eye i.e. focusing, eye movement and pupil reaction at the same time. Newly developed len relay system has made constraint of the head needless.