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About FTI

  We develop, sell and support Liquid Helium Circulation Systems as for MEG (magnetoencephalography) and Low Temperature Physics Measurement System like MMPS and PPMS as well as helium gas purifiers as produced in semiconductor and optical fiber production process.

Company Information

Name         Frontier Technologies Institute, Inc. (FTI)
Founded       July 2003
Board members       
                 President             TAKEDA Tsunehiro
                                    (Professor emeritus of the Unniversity of Tokyo)
                  Chairman             KATSUSHIMA Hideki (Tax Accountant)
                  Auditing Officer    TSUCHIYA Takaki
                  Auditing Officer     KANEKO Kazuhiro (Attorneey)
Address      #5073 Toukatsu-Techno-Plaza
                 5-4-6 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
                 TEL / FAX   04-7134-5913




Company History

10/25/1998    Submit basic patents of HCS (Helium Circulation System)
01/07/2003    Granted the patents in the U.S.A
07/04/2003    Granted the patents in Japan
07/08/2003    Found Frontier Technologies Institute, Inc.                             
             Capital JPY 22,000,000   3 employees
10/01/2003    Certified as a member of UT-Kashiwa Venture Plaza and rented an office there.
11/22/2003    Augment capital to JPY 66 million.
08/03/2005    Commence operational tests of HCS.
Sept. 2005      Accepted as an project of JST (Japan Sciencd and Technology Agency)
10/01/2005    Augment employees to 7.
04/20/2006    Granted the basic patents at Germany.
07/31/2006    The basic patents permitted in France.
03/25/2007    Proving tests for HCS for MEG begin.
06/27/2008    The second basic patent and 23 relative patents permitted in Japan.
July 2008        Accepted to a grant by Himawari Venture Assistant Fund.
October 2008   Accepted to a grand by Kashiwa Venture Assistant Fund.
10/21/2008    The basic patent permitted in Canada.
07/28/2009    The second basic patent permitted in the U.S.A.
03/07/2011    The capital augmented to JPY 77 million.
07/21/2011     Adopted to a grant of New Technology Development Fund.
09/01/2011    HCS acknowleged as "Acknowleged Manufactured Good by Chiba"
12/28/2011    Awarded a venture award of the 17th "Chiba Genki-jirushi Great Award"
11/28/2012    Awarded a environment-related device award of "Grand Award of Super Devices"
02/01/2013    A laboratory opend at Room 310 in Tokatsu Techno-plaza.
02/20/2013    Awarded a president award of "Jappan Venture Awards 2012"
10/01/2013    A laboratory added at Room 304 in Tokatsu Techno-plaza.
11/15/2013    Awarded a special award of "Business Plan Grand Award of Venture Club"
11/22/2013    The capital augmented to JPY 91.11 million.
03/18/2014    Awarded a performance award of the 39th "Grand Award of Invention".
06/11/2014    Awarded a incentive award of "Joyo Business Award 2013"
07/04/2016    Employees augmented to 15.
04/24/2017    The capital augmented to JPY 132.02 million.
04/24/2018    Approved as a construction comany by Chiba prefecture.
                      (For installation of machinery and appliances, and for piping)